What’s Inside You, Bleeds Through

From America to Britain, across Europe, I must submit the deserts and Savanna plains of Africa let's not forget. Russia before China down through the Asian Pacific Rim Now Australia to New Zealand must I repeat myself again. Onward westward Argentina through the Rain Forest of life From Venezuela through Panama Canal Mexico! before night.…Read more What’s Inside You, Bleeds Through

The Woman In Me

The mask that you wear, the eyes that see the mind will swell to an excessive degree. Your thoughts will wonder, this ponder within recalling better times with the love of a friend. Remembering! charms of a cheat, feeling heat contemptible current running deep! never sweet. Docile but defensive! conflicted with indifference accepting it must…Read more The Woman In Me

What Do You Seek!

My blue skies are not in my eyes, it's understanding the scope! the degrees of hope. What needs are out of your reach, western world consumption! is that what you seek! Thinking of the hardships in the west, then I walk among the many with so much less. It's upside down! it confounds, with less…Read more What Do You Seek!

More Finance No! A Lack Of Due Diligence

Far too many of Us just refuse to live within our means, lord have mercy for all those foolish financial schemes. Now's the time, a prudent choice! some lose their voice, a leveraged buyout? for a couch that made you cry out. Poor and confused some bouncing checks with the blues, it's not a joint…Read more More Finance No! A Lack Of Due Diligence

Bartender! One For The Road

Critically conflicted! the frailty in those fragile fragmented memories, this adhesive affliction, an admonished addiction lacking redemption. Delirious! dismal distill depression, the broken dreams from deception, the chaos of emotions, a jaw of life extraction read the news caption. Overdose! those on the rocks overindulgence! convulsive explosions, oh twisted bodies of wrecked life's the blood…Read more Bartender! One For The Road