The Night Before Christmas

The night before Christmas shit just wasn't right the DA issued a warrant Swat would end my night. Santa would come and go my bail was out of sight the plea agreement offered my ass they would bite. So ho ho ho now down to my last few lines of blow they wire-tapped my phone…Read more The Night Before Christmas

The Trials Of Life never Seem To End

The trials of life never seem to end the Sandyman need a maid come in. They say everything has a place, there's a place for everything so why do my things have so many places it seems. This man cave thing has gone a little too far I peeped into the bedroom and then just closed door.…Read more The Trials Of Life never Seem To End

The Quest In A Dress

It starts with a label and lace, a flawless ensemble distinctive with grace. It has those classic alluring alterations, bold boutique bias-cut, hell of a combination. Impeccable intricate imprints is it's illustration, the designer's desire for income augmentation. With original one of a kind ornamentation, excessively expensive creating life modifications. It's risky indisputable! it's upscale…Read more The Quest In A Dress

The Call For Solidarity! My fuzzy Clarity

To all of my Word Press friends it's always good to be with you again, but I need to make my self clear! in some of you this will conjure fear! because of the things we share! we cuss scream and swear. Yet my major point of contention, naturally with your permission, I will identify…Read more The Call For Solidarity! My fuzzy Clarity

The State Of Affairs

When you feel that abundant anxiousness inside, the buoyancy of pride when acceptance is denied. Oh amusing arrogance of articulate fools transcend, the cynically antagonistic always critically unrealistic. Then enduring demeaning spite of the UN diplomatic, the idealistic now conflicted, their trauma is dramatic. Poise the puritans provocative claims! intolerant gains, while the wishful avoid…Read more The State Of Affairs