The Human Toll When Hate Unfolds

These bitter hearts! love speak not from a sinister will oh tender droplets clinging to the soft peddles of the daffodils. This pain brews within the confines of our fallow soul while migrating swallows sing to the whistling wind as it blows Mastery! of this misery those reckless state of minds hear the buzzing bubble…Read more The Human Toll When Hate Unfolds

My Brothers Keeper

Woe! what is this anguished heaved upon them by bitter tongues that betray, this low some feeling drowning in this cesspool pit called dismay, in this confronting they were fearful, this senseless berating by those who are ungrateful, this exploiting is that not hateful. The grief with disgust yes! horrified by this mistrust they were…Read more My Brothers Keeper

The Awaking

Shall not I see the depth of your indifference,the desert sun suckling the buoyancy from my brow. Will the foggy haze of impulsiveness extract its portion some how. Silence sweeping over an intolerant will, then a gasp for air before the kill. These thoughts rambling through my woeful mind, this dejected spirit now running out…Read more The Awaking

Justice Is Rude Sometimes Crud

28 years as a prison cop I’ve seen this more than not far too many young men abused to no end, just one more chapter in a life of sin. I bring this story to you and I’m telling you it is all true, but there was nothing I could do prison has a life…Read more Justice Is Rude Sometimes Crud


It was then in 1819 Sir Thomas Stamford comes to town, this diamond-shaped oases in Southeast Asia of all places. The crown in a 60 islet chain 85 miles north of the equator, the pride of the East India company once apart of Malaysia. Sovereignty! it’s 1824 when the British Empire got Singapore, the British…Read more LET US EXPLORE SINGAPORE

The Rich And Poor The Past And Present

Thou be cast out upon these tainted waters, vile deeds entangling souls before the altar. Spitefully you will reap thy dreaded judgment, your acts of indolence from feudal indulgence. Then how such wretched men shall they dwell thy wicked hearts lingering in the depths of hell. Because of unbroken bread among the brethren our warring…Read more The Rich And Poor The Past And Present