In This Book Things You Miss Took

That glaze upon your face shares it's disbelief, the cries in your calls for the pound of flesh you seek in relief. Among the Bible's old testaments you claim it be thy father's will, an eye for an eye along with the blood you are planning to spill. Then lay thy hand upon your brother…Read more In This Book Things You Miss Took

No Redemption

Oh those subtle thoughts’; now darken by the past, decaying leaves turns to mulch and that never last.   I hear those uplifting hearts; shall not they ever sing, thy weary cries die at night while the death toll rings.   Could I not want sweet fruits; born from a wicked deed, who’s to know…Read more No Redemption

Christians Beware Hostilities Declared

Woeful terrorist wanton cruelties blistering! it’s twisted delight these ignominious acts of calamity trusted upon Christianity. Vengeance! sitting in the dominate seat at the table of violence! now proclaiming death! must be obedient to their intolerance. Their cloak of frailty the unfaithful left fallow before God’s will legions of Christians declaring hostilities! we will vanquish…Read more Christians Beware Hostilities Declared


Those dark clouds casting shadows on a woeful weary hearts. The cries of our children lay dormant curing the dark. The ice sickles in the penetrating currents that we flee. The oceans tides rising beneath us the casualties! must it be. Now speak of your sorrows then fear thy pending dread. The leeching ground waters…Read more THE ATONEMENT


The boldness in this story, I’m at peace a glory told by some so say the priest. It’s origins you’ll behold before it unfolds it’s French 16th century or Latin I’m told. Christians through out the land praise thy father this holly man. These celebrations we will enter the lord our Christ is at it’s…Read more THE LITURGY


Stumbling along on my internal path Why can’t I see! how long will it last? A story through time now that has past Scornful my deeds now that I’m tasked. Lost meanings in my wasteful dreams Provocative torments my rotting seams. Twisting my faith in this higher power Preposterous claims dying by the hour. Loathsome…Read more BROKEN FAITH


  It be a bitter thought tangled among twisted weeds. The mocking of spiritual wants confessions are not of our needs. Objective these dismissive hearts ceremoniously shall they bleed. The ending of paranoid haunts profound are their repugnant deeds. Vibrant are these insightful visions enlighten ecclesiastic kind of reasons. Churning oh white water seas now…Read more OUR FATHER BE THY HEAVEN (rewrite)

Let Ye’ Be Not Forsaken

I stumble along on thy internal path, why can’t I see! then how long will it last? a story through time now that has passed, scornful my deeds now that I’m tasked. These unknown meanings  in my wasteful dreams, provocatively tormenting my rotting seams. That's twisting my faith in this higher power, those preposterous claims…Read more Let Ye’ Be Not Forsaken