I Believe I can fly

You must fly gravity clipping wings denying the sky. In my mind seeds of dreams take root, grow shoots. Still, mountains to climb the fears of doubt are yours, not mine. Must we be careful of family and friends their pull on a dream may never end? Some will try! will stop you with any lie…Read more I Believe I can fly

The End Doesn’t Justify the Means

Sandyman's quote to the World:  "To the people of the world, from the wealthy to the meek add the destitute to the weak, in the things that you seek! in the end, what will you reap"      The end does not justify the means heartless sins in the wake of your schemes. Blind turning…Read more The End Doesn’t Justify the Means

Fire In The Sky Tears In The Cry

George Town Malaysia On a warm early Malaysian evening wet from sweat before the evening crept. The chirp of the cricket song the sting in the mosquito's bite before long. Above the jungle canopy, there's fire in the sky below, a death cry! predator and prey know why. While nature's disco of discord is taking…Read more Fire In The Sky Tears In The Cry

Vietnam Provokes! Tears, Smiles Emotions Are Broke

I've been in Vietnam for 27 days this world away with such wonders surprise! the tears in my eyes. A little old lady carrying two baskets with that stick she was hunched so far over while moving forward. I was at a lost, what to do emotions flowed through with such a burden lying upon…Read more Vietnam Provokes! Tears, Smiles Emotions Are Broke

Teen Anguish

The words of the adviser disconnect! within the advice anxiety, adolescent nonacceptance has the ugliest price. When falling on deaf ears discourse counterpoint is clear add social media crazy parents may regret calling it a faze.   Day-dreaming depression competitive academic aggression  Within evasive expression lurks embellishing exaggerations. dumbfounded to dumbstruck tragedy when emotions erupt speaking…Read more Teen Anguish