Your Enter Desperation

The fiction in a fabricated fable, the delusion of fools unable amplified aspirations in many, an allusion! in some conclusions. When eulogized hearts drown in waste from the blustering pain in a crescendo of confirmed confessions this bleeding remains. While consensus conspire to conceals what foul mouths reveal the boisterous brass that stinging lash those…Read more Your Enter Desperation

My Talisman No Four Leaf Cover

Talisman To the indifference of things that go wrong a Talisman conjures a certain kind of charm. Those demising tribulations causing such hard instills our believe we need these lucky charms. With divine reverence in the words of our Lord oh unyielding virtue that rings haven't you heard. Tempers the taint in life's restraints, a…Read more My Talisman No Four Leaf Cover

Jealousy Is Self Inflicted Infidelity

A question for those with a stable mind the answers I seek can you help me find. At birth borne as equals, some will dispute the reasoning in their logic doesn't compute. In live until it ends, it's your edification of a win If I gain how do you lose, who's being the fool. In…Read more Jealousy Is Self Inflicted Infidelity