I'm a man of strength with an iron will forge from hot liquid molten steel. Yet I believe in love and compassion thy God almighty tempers my reactions. You can call me Sandyman your poet with a plan, together we will stand when the shit hits the fan. I see the unending toil of the Cambodian…Read more Sandyman

Live Bold Or Die Cold

You must choose the voice that's in your head who else will decipher the things that are read? That dream not cultivated because it wasn't fed the pain not said your regret on the deathbed. These hoots and howls the heckles of hucksters we hem and haw before dealing with a disruptor Mew the moans…Read more Live Bold Or Die Cold

Commandments Confrontations, Man’s Condemnations

You will atone! for your pagan perversion of deity a chorus of infidelity demagoguery! inflammatory proclivities. The incessant dogma of hedonism over baptism a congregation embroiled in the dark disciplines of Satanism. Savior this sinful society your shrine before its altar. virtue's validation! vibrations bring verification! the alter will falter. Repent! before the ritual rites…Read more Commandments Confrontations, Man’s Condemnations

The Quest In A Dress

It starts with a label and lace, a flawless ensemble distinctive with grace. It has those classic alluring alterations, bold boutique bias-cut, hell of a combination. Impeccable intricate imprints is it's illustration, the designer's desire for income augmentation. With original one of a kind ornamentation, excessively expensive creating life modifications. It's risky indisputable! it's upscale…Read more The Quest In A Dress