Loyalty Proverbial Value Of Royalty

  Can you hear the declaration, feel the call of dedication hail the homage within ritual proclamations, expectation. Awe its effects, the broken decree of obligation and regret noble as the coronation of royalty, regal thy vow of loyalty. Neither privilege or progeny can avoid its potential calamity the hushed tones mnemonic moans, deceits supreme…Read more Loyalty Proverbial Value Of Royalty

Live Bold Or Die Cold

You must choose the voice that's in your head who else will decipher the things that are read? That dream not cultivated because it wasn't fed the pain not said your regret on the deathbed. These hoots and howls the heckles of hucksters we hem and haw before dealing with a disruptor Mew the moans…Read more Live Bold Or Die Cold