Asian Charms With Visual That Go Beyond

I went on quest my search was for something that was within, but I decided in Thailand is where this search would begin. I decided to leave my western attitudes at the boarding gate and with an open mind i would welcome my fate. I saw things that I've never seem before, I've tasted thing…Read more Asian Charms With Visual That Go Beyond

Transformation! Forged By Frictions Force and Desperation

via Photo Challenge: Transformation This would be that day of reckoning, descending into that darken craven of eternal discovery, the sting in this mornings freezing wind dipped, the cruelty that is the task master's whip, my eyes searched inward in solitude, the magnitude of securing the required fortitude. That grayish dark dotted moon on the…Read more Transformation! Forged By Frictions Force and Desperation

The Human Toll When Hate Unfolds

These bitter hearts! love speak not from a sinister will oh tender droplets clinging to the soft peddles of the daffodils. This pain brews within the confines of our fallow soul while migrating swallows sing to the whistling wind as it blows Mastery! of this misery those reckless state of minds hear the buzzing bubble…Read more The Human Toll When Hate Unfolds


It was then in 1819 Sir Thomas Stamford comes to town, this diamond-shaped oases in Southeast Asia of all places. The crown in a 60 islet chain 85 miles north of the equator, the pride of the East India company once apart of Malaysia. Sovereignty! it’s 1824 when the British Empire got Singapore, the British…Read more LET US EXPLORE SINGAPORE


Hearing your whisper in the meadows of spring No longer broken heart among still vivid dreams Cast out the light from wretchedness of my past Instilled reflective visions why shall they not last Reaching the bottomless cesspools of wanton folly Manipulative! the mistrustful still fools will volley Forsaken ye jealousies the intolerant are jubilant! Reveling…Read more UNBURDEN BY YOUR SMILE