It was then in 1819 Sir Thomas Stamford comes to town, this diamond-shaped oases in Southeast Asia of all places. The crown in a 60 islet chain 85 miles north of the equator, the pride of the East India company once apart of Malaysia. Sovereignty! it’s 1824 when the British Empire got Singapore, the British…Read more LET US EXPLORE SINGAPORE


Hearing your whisper in the meadows of spring No longer broken heart among still vivid dreams Cast out the light from wretchedness of my past Instilled reflective visions why shall they not last Reaching the bottomless cesspools of wanton folly Manipulative! the mistrustful still fools will volley Forsaken ye jealousies the intolerant are jubilant! Reveling…Read more UNBURDEN BY YOUR SMILE

SAVE THY NATURE (a rewrite)

Hear the cries in nature’s song death! in need of revision who will fix this wrong, we stumble along nature’s path the clinging mist of fresh grass, feeling the warmth of the sun will this last. See the beckoning of the blue sky’s hanging over this marshy wet land, jettisoning out of this lush green…Read more SAVE THY NATURE (a rewrite)


Oh ye dark clouds of Tempest Spirit the meager means in thy indifference. What subtle nuances in thoughts and deeds shall bring death! to our deep blue seas. Rosebuds! the broken hearts of angry bees the death of the sparrows! our world is in peril. Did spring advance the prism in my mind? distorting the…Read more Misdirected