The Evolution In Your Reckless Resolutions

In those decisive decision their's distracting divisions, endless revisions that anxiety in your analysis is realistic! it's enthusiastically antagonistic. You attempt to achieve a practical evaluation with Un-amused hesitations now accommodating then accepting, you even manipulate the situations. This reckless form of resolution is scornfully unresponsive to any solution those miserable result you'll disclaim yes!…Read more The Evolution In Your Reckless Resolutions

Happiness! Facts In The Fiction

This thing we call happiness we all seem to seek yet some never find for you is it an object! objective or state of mind. This blissfulness provoking such excitement consuming much our time it’s dynamic! how some panic with irrational antics. I seek only to understand such motivations, expectation! this jubilation it reeks such…Read more Happiness! Facts In The Fiction

The Awaking

Shall not I see the depth of your indifference,the desert sun suckling the buoyancy from my brow. Will the foggy haze of impulsiveness extract its portion some how. Silence sweeping over an intolerant will, then a gasp for air before the kill. These thoughts rambling through my woeful mind, this dejected spirit now running out…Read more The Awaking


Those whispering echo’s swept along by cold frantic breezes the wickedness of hearts when a tormented cry can please us. The doubts! thy thoughts sink within dark waters of contempt the twisted faces in the crowd hiding the pain with a pretense. Once I saw the sun kissing the flow in the glow of the…Read more THE DISENCHANTED

The Cup Of Life

What do you see when looking into your cup of life unknown tomorrows mixed with yesterdays fights The content of your cup, unseen levels of contentment my unknown future actions, the pending resentments Those foul waters eroding the shores in your well-being the lies found within my own heart I just didn’t see them Naked…Read more The Cup Of Life

That shadow Is Me

I’m walking through a dense mist of lost time, lacking reasoning yet still northward bound. This token heart dark realms while it bleeds, this shadow! relentless the tormenting of me. What hallow shall I hear with impatient empty cries, then shall I live with fear despair! I’m hoping it dies. Now digging in deep a…Read more That shadow Is Me