Happiness! Facts In The Fiction

This thing we call happiness we all seem to seek yet some never find for you is it an object! objective or state of mind. This blissfulness provoking such excitement consuming much our time it’s dynamic! how some panic with irrational antics. I seek only to understand such motivations, expectation! this jubilation it reeks such…Read more Happiness! Facts In The Fiction

It’s a Question Of Faith

Faith! is that a question! I’m not sure of it’s scope, how is it measured when compared to hope. Faith! a timeless debate; when should it appear, then when is it late, when do you decide it was just the twist of fate Faith! is it joyful for the jubilant; neglectful when lacking exuberance, then…Read more It’s a Question Of Faith

The Rich And Poor The Past And Present

Thou be cast out upon these tainted waters, vile deeds entangling souls before the altar. Spitefully you will reap thy dreaded judgment, your acts of indolence from feudal indulgence. Then how such wretched men shall they dwell thy wicked hearts lingering in the depths of hell. Because of unbroken bread among the brethren our warring…Read more The Rich And Poor The Past And Present

That shadow Is Me

I’m walking through a dense mist of lost time, lacking reasoning yet still northward bound. This token heart dark realms while it bleeds, this shadow! relentless the tormenting of me. What hallow shall I hear with impatient empty cries, then shall I live with fear despair! I’m hoping it dies. Now digging in deep a…Read more That shadow Is Me


Hearing your whisper in the meadows of spring No longer broken heart among still vivid dreams Cast out the light from wretchedness of my past Instilled reflective visions why shall they not last Reaching the bottomless cesspools of wanton folly Manipulative! the mistrustful still fools will volley Forsaken ye jealousies the intolerant are jubilant! Reveling…Read more UNBURDEN BY YOUR SMILE

Christians Beware Hostilities Declared

Woeful terrorist wanton cruelties blistering! it’s twisted delight these ignominious acts of calamity trusted upon Christianity. Vengeance! sitting in the dominate seat at the table of violence! now proclaiming death! must be obedient to their intolerance. Their cloak of frailty the unfaithful left fallow before God’s will legions of Christians declaring hostilities! we will vanquish…Read more Christians Beware Hostilities Declared