Evening New Cycle Hand Fed Decilpes

On the news of blues, the talking heads are all the same their audible admonishment is clear, their weapon is fear. Sounding alarm always expect a call for all hands on deck oh! fork tongue of the snake is wet, lies come with no regret. Yes it is blown all out of proportion to elevate…Read more Evening New Cycle Hand Fed Decilpes

Grown! I Can Be, The Kid Still Runs Free

I've had a wonderful time here in Malaysia but like the title of my blog you live and learn when you're wrong it's earned. As easy going as I am, sometimes the devil finds his way in, and never intentionally will I offend, I can't stop the Sandyman that's within. Okay! this was not my…Read more Grown! I Can Be, The Kid Still Runs Free

Intuition Or Just Superstition

Hey! my four leaf clover Damn! has just rolled over fallen eyelash on my face, lost twice with double ace The stories that come along when everything's wrong some would say life sucks! others its a case of bad luck There's a bird in the house, please catch that falling leaf that old black cat…Read more Intuition Or Just Superstition

Damn! I Like My Tuna Fish

If we devastate the land under our feet, we will not sleep defoliate the Amazon Rain Forest until death is complete. This foolishness must be task or fear bacteria's backlash beachfront property paying cash, you and me just the trash. Carbon dioxide choking the breeze! whistle when you wheeze the black stuff if you sneeze,…Read more Damn! I Like My Tuna Fish

I Want To Be Happy, Now!

There seems to be a subject that causes the most stress, amazingly provocative the things people do, at its behest. You take masters of malicious manipulative points of view a malignant mentality without a cue, want to be happy too. This enthusiastic search for the carefree cheers of acceptance, they're deft of deviousness is rejected…Read more I Want To Be Happy, Now!