Claim Your Fame Or Remain The Same

  What’s wrong with today you refused to say putting off what should have been done yesterday.   Can you not hear what I say you choose not to look my way   you've wasted one more day even when it doesn't pay.    Then just what will come from tomorrow I’m predicting nothing but sorrow! …Read more Claim Your Fame Or Remain The Same

No Refund No Returns

Say you will when you won’t better still if you don’t,  never intend to breed contempt never once will you be exempted    Hearing the cries of mamas and babies fearing your lies you’ll only say maybe, in predawn just before the light why does the truth always bid you good night.   The lost…Read more No Refund No Returns

Road Rage And The Price To Be Paid

It's been so long past the day people could disagree in a civil way. Before no one got the shakes or tremors now guns go off life is lost cause we simmer. We scream and shout then the finger goes out no one understands the fire in rage this will fan Its never planed when…Read more Road Rage And The Price To Be Paid

When Caution Is Not An Option

What will you gain in the midst of sorrow and pain the stains of rain drain the will, this life of ill. Tense the tempted spite breeds repulsive delight casting its shadow over the outrage, if you engage. Concede the reluctant relief twice-born from grief skillfully how trepidation constrains disbelief, its brief Perturb pesky panic…Read more When Caution Is Not An Option