Death Repeats Predator Seeking Meat

Can you hear the signature shrills of the sacrificed those pronounce squeals in their last moments of stifle. A repertoire of repetitive pleadings resonating in chills my indifferent to proclamations of innocence when I kill   Rubbish rouse of rhetoric smacks of self-serving squawk a predator I must stalk, my taste for blood I never…Read more Death Repeats Predator Seeking Meat

A Broken Mind Indifferent To Time

Staring into a mist of misery locked in a disjointed mind I'm muddle if not miffed still contrary to the loss of time. I'm the fly in the spider's web you see dangling by a thread dipped then rolled in dread that spider is ready to be fed.   The hymn? that never-ending low-pitch hum…Read more A Broken Mind Indifferent To Time

Staying In Touch Cost So Much

In staying in contact with family and friends a pact with the devil now let the games begin. Facebook, Snap-Chat, Instagram! theirs no end Myspace to Twitter tweeting Whats-App's sins. Cookies tracking data mining you bite your tongue hackers through the back door now comes the fun. The billionaires before Congress who they will pay…Read more Staying In Touch Cost So Much