Destiny Demands A Helping Hand

The Sins Of The Father In the hearts of the young to the old within every wondering soul, a spirit both bold and cold When the sins of our past become the future's task destiny demeans, demons feeding of our children's dreams Like the sting from winter's lash the buzzing flies of our dirty deeds…Read more Destiny Demands A Helping Hand

Hate At It’s Best

Hear the fear in a shallow tear never shy, let them cry concealed racial beliefs in hate's ills, pending bitter pills. A chill in the cold water's sting upon overprotective flesh when denied weary pride hope collides, will they confess. The gathering storms darker days are now the new norms oh expectant sense of this…Read more Hate At It’s Best

Choose! Then Seek Or Be Incomplete

" When thy lost will stands with a empty spirit, you've embrace a life that's like a sentence without a period."    Inside Of You, Choose The View Meek! the weak will fold in time you will see for you can already hear them cry woe is me. Speak! the unspoken it's unsaid they're tokens…Read more Choose! Then Seek Or Be Incomplete

Time! Never Waste, Death! never waits

That rancorous rotting rage of time is forever sulking the tenacious testy taint of this predator! always stalking. Upright unfair uncivil uncouth, unworthy unsavory but aloof stealing things we hold so dear, its intentions are always clear. Nefariously needy oh! oppressively greedy, occasionally seedy unique resourceful but never remorseful, it just takes more. Time would…Read more Time! Never Waste, Death! never waits