Thy Father With Thee

Oh gracious Lord thy humble spirit command this sinful will fallacies of the crusaders crucifying, your blood was spilled. Weeping hearts of warriors its revolution! seeking absolution! pain crucifixion! the power resurrection! glorious benediction. Implications in the pagans indulgence, idol worshiping infidels that harmony in the hymn of hope, the ranks of the saved swells.…Read more Thy Father With Thee

The Light Side Of Trouble

I woke this morning sad and belligerent my diaper was full while being incoherent. Then looking in the mirror didn't recognize me my ass cheeks stuck together let them be free. While going for a walk some how I lost my way ten step from my front door long walks never pay. This fading familiarity…Read more The Light Side Of Trouble

The Life You Live

Oh restless heart then speak thy will docile and distracted ensures you'll fail. When the genuine genteel are gifted the wrath in the ignorant is expected. Heeding the honorable who are heroic believe the ethical honest yes! euphoric. Denying outrageous it's usually nefarious inspiring your life while being courageous.