Sacrifice Revealed If It Be Thy Will

How do you persuade a covenants between courage and truth does divinity demand proof? while crusades divide the accolades. Forgiveness a fundamental discipline of a disciple, still insightfulyet empathy embroiled among congregations soiled worst! spoiled. This lost goodness of the gospel, unfaithful bishops among apostlesyou be mindful of the Messiah! thy justice and judgment will…Read more Sacrifice Revealed If It Be Thy Will

Love, Hold When The Cold Winds Blow

My silent screams for your kiss that’s upon the winds, my abandon dream, a team of two hearts with one seam. My Tears lay bear the fallow land that needs to be sown, the fruits of love bear the seeds that need to be grown. Lay still the cold chill that comes to steal from lovers…Read more Love, Hold When The Cold Winds Blow

A Fenced Pride Love Stay On Your Side

Our fence building begins from within, the defensive block-aides to offensive barricades. Your classical concentrated clang of civility, lying mental form-fitting focus foiled by inflexibility. Mastering the shuffling rules of stamina and strength, attack my base gauntlet in place, advance at your fate. Still you'll flick this fancy fast-moving footwork, muscles memory moves masked emotions just…Read more A Fenced Pride Love Stay On Your Side

What Do You Seek!

My blue skies are not in my eyes, it's understanding the scope! the degrees of hope. What needs are out of your reach, western world consumption! is that what you seek! Thinking of the hardships in the west, then I walk among the many with so much less. It's upside down! it confounds, with less…Read more What Do You Seek!