Evening New Cycle Hand Fed Decilpes

On the news of blues, the talking heads are all the same their audible admonishment is clear, their weapon is fear. Sounding alarm always expect a call for all hands on deck oh! fork tongue of the snake is wet, lies come with no regret. Yes it is blown all out of proportion to elevate…Read more Evening New Cycle Hand Fed Decilpes

What’s Inside You, Bleeds Through

From America to Britain, across Europe, I must submit the deserts and Savanna plains of Africa let's not forget. Russia before China down through the Asian Pacific Rim Now Australia to New Zealand must I repeat myself again. Onward westward Argentina through the Rain Forest of life From Venezuela through Panama Canal Mexico! before night.…Read more What’s Inside You, Bleeds Through

Grown! I Can Be, The Kid Still Runs Free

I've had a wonderful time here in Malaysia but like the title of my blog you live and learn when you're wrong it's earned. As easy going as I am, sometimes the devil finds his way in, and never intentionally will I offend, I can't stop the Sandyman that's within. Okay! this was not my…Read more Grown! I Can Be, The Kid Still Runs Free

I Want To Be Happy, Now!

There seems to be a subject that causes the most stress, amazingly provocative the things people do, at its behest. You take masters of malicious manipulative points of view a malignant mentality without a cue, want to be happy too. This enthusiastic search for the carefree cheers of acceptance, they're deft of deviousness is rejected…Read more I Want To Be Happy, Now!

Daddy Need A New Pair Of Shoes

The bank called me a loser but still, I object, I cloned a countersign check that got in a wreck. They unbalance my balloon payment with regret, I had three other loans on it what did they expect. In their certified calculations of my debt consolidation I wonder any consideration for my lack of an…Read more Daddy Need A New Pair Of Shoes