Faith Within, Breaking The Chains Of Sins

Criticism to celebrations, common-sense with no deviation accountability instills appreciation, Sandyman's aspirations. Free my spirit from my sins, in the Lord's house once again there's no ideology I will debate, Sandyman will walk in faith. Healing hatred in my past, a constant reminder it should last restraining rage so resolute, my lack of rationale was…Read more Faith Within, Breaking The Chains Of Sins

Commandments Confrontations, Man’s Condemnations

You will atone! for your pagan perversion of deity a chorus of infidelity demagoguery! inflammatory proclivities. The incessant dogma of hedonism over baptism a congregation embroiled in the dark disciplines of Satanism. Savior this sinful society your shrine before its altar. virtue's validation! vibrations bring verification! the alter will falter. Repent! before the ritual rites…Read more Commandments Confrontations, Man’s Condemnations

No! My Son, You Shall Not Rest

No! my son, you shall not rest a sullen bastard child unworthy before nobles and kings. Spiteful unprincipled men of prodigious wealth, vile jackals of parasites who plunder the people's purse. You shall rise before the people of the land, I a mother with God's blessing hand, raised a lion among men. Go forth my…Read more No! My Son, You Shall Not Rest

Indecision, Pride! Cast Thy Self Aside

Those who cast themselvesĀ aside by indecision they brood upon the winds before God's transition. Concealed within the folds of their discontent the serpents breeding grounds, it wasn't heaven- sent. Torn among the thorns of thistles a bleeding drowned out by the horns among the whistles. No! they shall not hear the call of God glory…Read more Indecision, Pride! Cast Thy Self Aside

Choirs Of Angels Are Apparitions To Strangers

The catechisms of the Roman Catholic Church, these spiritual non-corporeal beings you can trust. An angel, my own, love grace how can I go wrong, this superficial view of many, a fantasy! say plenty. Still, pure spirits of immortal beings in human form, those nine Choirs Of Angels the bible can't be wrong. The theologians…Read more Choirs Of Angels Are Apparitions To Strangers