Easter’s Transition Who Needs An Intervention

Let not the shouts fool ya! when some yell alleluia! blessings before the bunny brunch, I have a hunch. A crucifixion lacks a cottontail, actions couldn't for-tail a covenant our communion, some the wrong conclusion. Gathering gifts in the gospel, an egg hunt for an apostle a vigil do we still relent principles! in the…Read more Easter’s Transition Who Needs An Intervention

You Can’t Win In The Devil’s Den

It's concealed by the night, your treachery still in sight with this gruesome grin welcome in, to the devil's den. Your screams and perspiration! this stink of desperation now you'll pay for your sins, the next stop! the devil's den. Yes you vile little creature, who would con Mother Teresa, for doing anything just to…Read more You Can’t Win In The Devil’s Den

Death, Sin! The Ill in Men

The perpetual prompts of the unprincipled are pollutants your illusion? being obedient to perversion is not collusion. malicious is your wicked heart beating savagely from within the sting of the vicious! keeping the secret dying with a grin. Notoriously neglectful negligence! will contribute to your end among the brutal scares emotional sins will kill you my friend. Hostile shouts roaming…Read more Death, Sin! The Ill in Men

Emotional Stance Apocalyptic Advance

In real world domination, deception devising the truth in perception's declining aggression, we’ve reached that point in time where the under pinning of mankind is in need of reflection, will we suffer with no exceptions. I bear the cross that is mine, I to feel that salvage beast in the passing of time. Your fears will…Read more Emotional Stance Apocalyptic Advance

My Talisman No Four Leaf Cover

Talisman To the indifference of things that go wrong a Talisman conjures a certain kind of charm. Those demising tribulations causing such hard instills our believe we need these lucky charms. With divine reverence in the words of our Lord oh unyielding virtue that rings haven't you heard. Tempers the taint in life's restraints, a…Read more My Talisman No Four Leaf Cover