No Words Need To Understand

There were no words needed to understand abrasive picture articulating death was at hand. A boom from bagpipes bellowing a battle cry the blues of belching poisons is why the fish die. The bluster shall Mother Nature beg for mercy while the slime sticks why shall we not curse thee. I stood along the banks…Read more No Words Need To Understand

Fire In The Sky Tears In The Cry

George Town Malaysia On a warm early Malaysian evening wet from sweat before the evening crept. The chirp of the cricket song the sting in the mosquito's bite before long. Above the jungle canopy, there's fire in the sky below, a death cry! predator and prey know why. While nature's disco of discord is taking…Read more Fire In The Sky Tears In The Cry

Stand For Right Not Just For The Fight

In social media its here to stay, you'll hear it on any day, its the call to arms. It's a three bell alarm, we are calling of all cars as you can expect damn! it's all hands on deck. Air your complaint deny their grievance, altercations! no allusions now amplified confusion. turning your other cheek,…Read more Stand For Right Not Just For The Fight

Can’t Vomit On An Empty Stomach

Empty hands of the masses their starvation is the new crises the bounty of this fertile land, then why so many empty hands. callousness insensible, the sadist savagery is unmentionable this ruthless malign! of people worldwide, that crime denied. Greed's arrogant addiction, egoistically antagonistic its infliction while this child dies in mother's womb, this unimaginable…Read more Can’t Vomit On An Empty Stomach

Damn! I Like My Tuna Fish

If we devastate the land under our feet, we will not sleep defoliate the Amazon Rain Forest until death is complete. This foolishness must be task or fear bacteria's backlash beachfront property paying cash, you and me just the trash. Carbon dioxide choking the breeze! whistle when you wheeze the black stuff if you sneeze,…Read more Damn! I Like My Tuna Fish


This discerning, a constant undeniable chain of events, obligations! the UN-prolific prompts some men to resent. Unresponsive, sociable solutions that defy the status quo with lighthearted loyalties in laughter! optimistic no more. Unanimous! tireless tributes, the unskilled! a questionable will, uniquely utilitarian the well balanced to the unwise this reveals. Venturesome, the viable value of…Read more Character!

The Obese Below The Meek, After The Weak

Sandyman (If you can't heal! you can not hate!) With the collapse in this metabolic rate social media offensively pessimistic! chastely antagonistic. Curt is this current cynical curiosity tenacious tempered taint, testy tactless taunts in reality. This reckless rues they fan "she has food in both hands". yes! so perceptively prejudicial, pretentious judgmental. Appetite! they'll…Read more The Obese Below The Meek, After The Weak