When you no longer can hear the cadence calls in your head unable to identify how your limitations will spread. Now conceding to the barriers that lay ahead bow to the darkness of dread fear! demands the payment pledged. Evade deny! cuss, scream or cry, next! comes the lie it's all falling on deaf ears…Read more Dementia

Do We Really Know The Evil When the Computer Screens Glow

Do we even hear each other over the social media noise, lives broken like tokens the toils and spoils go unspoken. You've got mail the attachment is a virus hackers deny this, identity theft is the result just one more reason to revolt.   In this wilderness of electronic innovation meets desperation, personal friend? locked…Read more Do We Really Know The Evil When the Computer Screens Glow

The Cry Of The Crow

The cruelty of crisis crows fanciful fairy tales and foes thy impulse! imaginary illusions improvised conclusions. The dramatic deeds dreading detection in my reflections familiar myths mask confusion my unfounded resolution. My nemesis narrations, oracle distorting stable foundations a poisonous plot, conspirators draw lots! delusional I'm not. In awe of the beauty in this beast…Read more The Cry Of The Crow