Change Your View For The Women Connected to You

 That silent night when my groans grumbled in my head tasting my own blood the fear that it fed, tonight I'm dead. Stripped naked his guttural gurgles, my gargles while gaggedI was beef to be bound now a soiled heap of ground round. Gritting his teeth as he moans his stench will never be goneengaging in his ditty of discourse my…Read more Change Your View For The Women Connected to You

Death Repeats Predator Seeking Meat

Can you hear the signature shrills of the sacrificed those pronounce squeals in their last moments of stifle. A repertoire of repetitive pleadings resonating in chills my indifferent to proclamations of innocence when I kill   Rubbish rouse of rhetoric smacks of self-serving squawk a predator I must stalk, my taste for blood I never…Read more Death Repeats Predator Seeking Meat

A Broken Mind Indifferent To Time

Staring into a mist of misery locked in a disjointed mind I'm muddle if not miffed still contrary to the loss of time. I'm the fly in the spider's web you see dangling by a thread dipped then rolled in dread that spider is ready to be fed.   The hymn? that never-ending low-pitch hum…Read more A Broken Mind Indifferent To Time

The Vote Right Or Left Or A Fight To The Death

Standing before thee my open mind thy humble spirit I seek not your favor or relent my task! hostilities are rash I covet the realization of the sacrifice rationalized confusion misguided illusions I will neither applaud nor admonish auditory silence before amplified violence Blaring bombardment of bogus news broadcast a ballet's ballad of Resistance who's persistent Cadence call…Read more The Vote Right Or Left Or A Fight To The Death

Stand For Right Not Just For The Fight

In social media its here to stay, you'll hear it on any day, its the call to arms. It's a three bell alarm, we are calling of all cars as you can expect damn! it's all hands on deck. Air your complaint deny their grievance, altercations! no allusions now amplified confusion. turning your other cheek,…Read more Stand For Right Not Just For The Fight

Sympathy Before Grief, Agony before Peace

The eerie effects of neglect, an emotional embrace, and its effects when hallowed haunted hardships start, despair in broken hearts. Anguish's gnawing grasp will beseech, anger lash defies one's belief deification! disillusionment's dedication in frustrated contemplation. These confinements of sympathy before grief, agony before peace flowers for the frantic fools forsaken, jaded gratitude's anticipation. Mourning…Read more Sympathy Before Grief, Agony before Peace

DNR= Do Not Resuscitate

This diminishing heartbeat devastating the degrees of hope now my crying counseling confessions trying to stay afloat. These conscious confrontations, mind-numbing equations agony authorizing my last resort, the pulling of life support. Chance choice of closure collapse in catastrophic complications advised on accepted effects of anxiety in this willful asphyxiation. A battle beseeching, eyes! no longer blinking,…Read more DNR= Do Not Resuscitate