When you no longer can hear the cadence calls in your head unable to identify how your limitations will spread. Now conceding to the barriers that lay ahead bow to the darkness of dread fear! demands the payment pledged. Evade deny! cuss, scream or cry, next! comes the lie it's all falling on deaf ears…Read more Dementia

Payment In Kind For The Wrong On The Time Line

  The sun made it's old familiar arch at the beginning of this day in its own particular way like the buzz of the bee before the sting that's coming your way.   While storm clouds are brewing from the past your waiting on its lash because the past and present have crashed.    The…Read more Payment In Kind For The Wrong On The Time Line

Life Was Bleak Said The Twitter Tweet

There are no doubts how quickly we'll tune out or zoom in while being consumed from within. When the truth becomes stranger than fiction add your pain pill addiction, reality! in submission.   By the code of truth or dare hell, no one really cares drunk or stone drowning in fear, your crises was clear. Yo!…Read more Life Was Bleak Said The Twitter Tweet

Those Who See What They Want to be

Come to terms with internal strife the audible concerns past moments in life. The dull duet of disharmony within disputes the lag it's sad who tags the issues we refute. I'm the Sandymancan your poet with a plan when the shit hits the fan its then you must stand. The consensus within any conversation while…Read more Those Who See What They Want to be

The Cry Of The Crow

The cruelty of crisis crows fanciful fairy tales and foes thy impulse! imaginary illusions improvised conclusions. The dramatic deeds dreading detection in my reflections familiar myths mask confusion my unfounded resolution. My nemesis narrations, oracle distorting stable foundations a poisonous plot, conspirators draw lots! delusional I'm not. In awe of the beauty in this beast…Read more The Cry Of The Crow

Change Your View For The Women Connected to You

 That silent night when my groans grumbled in my head tasting my own blood the fear that it fed, tonight I'm dead. Stripped naked his guttural gurgles, my gargles while gaggedI was beef to be bound now a soiled heap of ground round. Gritting his teeth as he moans his stench will never be goneengaging in his ditty of discourse my…Read more Change Your View For The Women Connected to You

Death Repeats Predator Seeking Meat

Can you hear the signature shrills of the sacrificed those pronounce squeals in their last moments of stifle. A repertoire of repetitive pleadings resonating in chills my indifferent to proclamations of innocence when I kill   Rubbish rouse of rhetoric smacks of self-serving squawk a predator I must stalk, my taste for blood I never…Read more Death Repeats Predator Seeking Meat