Cat And Mouse I’m Food, It’s Rude

Eyes bleeding naked from a kiss, this sting of pain your wrath! restrains, the hummingbird sings. When you pealed the flesh from my wounds, deciding my doom! the delicate bouquet you've placed on my tome. In your chests beats the heart of a beast claws and fangs built for the feast, before cries that matters the lease. Your…Read more Cat And Mouse I’m Food, It’s Rude

Not Your Problem! You Say!

This will be a cautionary tale that I will endeavor to dispelled, accuracy! cause and effect, the psychosis from childhood neglect. This race for such a random rationale for reason I can't compile, difficulty wouldn't be, determining disturbance in what degree, the details! of a living hell. Ideas influenced by investigation's participation, the quality in those queries are…Read more Not Your Problem! You Say!

Prison Pain And The Insane

Tasting the better sweet fruits of fools crying over the gravity of life's pain, naively self-inflicted while seeking the riches in the forbidden gains, Reality becomes the task masters whip! that snap! before the crack! hell there's no way back. Drowning in the cesspool of this pity party order by thy own hand, surely the…Read more Prison Pain And The Insane

Can You Spare Dollare

Let talk about money, it seems to be the subject of mankind we need it, make it, steal it, waste it, chase it, all of the time. Some sell their soul solid gold, the killers blood turning cold the payments for your unspeakable sins, that sickness within. Our mothers wifes and daughters, are trading the…Read more Can You Spare Dollare

Stand Or Fall Winners Take All

The pain of hardship defines the sprite within your will while the bald eagles sore over majesty mountains still. Shattered dreams those heaping piles of rotten leaves your needs, doubts fallow deeds those wicked thieves. Then pay your dues not understanding when you lose sheep laying down for slaughter, heat in lies get hotter. Fear's…Read more Stand Or Fall Winners Take All

Among The People Indivisible Creatures

The quiet quarrelsome nature of the knowledgeable, the poise principles of the proper are now intolerable. The jealous ignorance of the ill-tempered is imprudent, while compulsive fools and their fallacies are pollutants. Do we no longer care! those modest morals of the many, liberal loathsome reasonings, negative naive! demeaning. Contentious when the resourceful meets the…Read more Among The People Indivisible Creatures

This State Of Being

It is crucial that the crude be culpable then amazing how the rude go unnoticeable. Because the heedless are not hopeful, the heartless are hostile! woeful when lustful. The gravity of this state of being its contemptible the rationale for such indifference is so despicable. The powerful forces of the unprincipled are oppressive their aggressive…Read more This State Of Being