The Human Toll When Hate Unfolds

These bitter hearts! love speak not from a sinister will oh tender droplets clinging to the soft peddles of the daffodils. This pain brews within the confines of our fallow soul while migrating swallows sing to the whistling wind as it blows Mastery! of this misery those reckless state of minds hear the buzzing bubble…Read more The Human Toll When Hate Unfolds

She’s A Black Widow

In this dark illusion it fulfills this tribal fear your cast iron cruelties it’s sever it’s caviler. Your charisma should have been my warning my musing nemesis is relentless but charming. Fragmented folklore the tales that are figments my clairvoyance is resistant! lacking persistence. That sheer grown clinging to your naked body imagery so profound…Read more She’s A Black Widow


This descending damming darkness, the merging! this dingy gray shroud of foggy clinging mist. The piercing croak of the toads wouldn’t relent the chaotic chirping sounds of the crickets the devil sent . My psychotic break! death! now watches and waits I’m outside her widow while deciding her fate. Her petite body moving with such…Read more THE DARKNESS IN ME