The Vote Right Or Left Or A Fight To The Death

Standing before thee my open mind thy humble spirit I seek not your favor or relent my task! hostilities are rash I covet the realization of the sacrifice rationalized confusion misguided illusions I will neither applaud nor admonish auditory silence before amplified violence Blaring bombardment of bogus news broadcast a ballet's ballad of Resistance who's persistent Cadence call…Read more The Vote Right Or Left Or A Fight To The Death

I Believe I can fly

You must fly gravity clipping wings denying the sky. In my mind seeds of dreams take root, grow shoots. Still, mountains to climb the fears of doubt are yours, not mine. Must we be careful of family and friends their pull on a dream may never end? Some will try! will stop you with any lie…Read more I Believe I can fly

You Decide Before The Lord Nowhere To Hide

Sunlight penetrates across the sky, a mother's smile the child knows why   Shadows spring from distortion it seems savage! mean! consume all things   Then Vestiges of man's past, those grains of sand through the hourglass   So What's in a deed for those who die because we don't feed, we'll bleed   We…Read more You Decide Before The Lord Nowhere To Hide

Love Denied Scorned By Pride

Lay still my rejected heart silences! no peace bitter no sweet cold wet mist beneath my feet. I brewed at the allure of you in my allusions giggling in gist providing confusion with a twist. Your reckless rumblings were rubbish from the start your scent, smooth silky skin torments in the dark. I still see the…Read more Love Denied Scorned By Pride