Long is that road that sits out before us Unfulfilled dreams this lost is not a must Promises conveyed now lacking convictions Returns un paid those deceitful redemptions Blindness in light our children’s perspective Controlling their life’s was that our objective Land of weakness their future is distorted Degrading the babies they must be aborted…Read more POP CULTURE

Justice Is Rude Sometimes Crud

28 years as a prison cop I’ve seen this more than not far too many young men abused to no end, just one more chapter in a life of sin. I bring this story to you and I’m telling you it is all true, but there was nothing I could do prison has a life…Read more Justice Is Rude Sometimes Crud


I just had a thought but it just slipped through my mind The passions! cries lies! the endlessness of pasting time. Yesterdays waste in hast, it’s desperation keeping pace No! you can't silence the fears, so hide the stains of tears. Chastising of unfulfilled needs those combustible pleads Oh that amazing brilliance in the eyes…Read more A MOTHERS TEARS GOES WITH THOSE FEARS

It’s a Question Of Faith

Faith! is that a question! I’m not sure of it’s scope, how is it measured when compared to hope. Faith! a timeless debate; when should it appear, then when is it late, when do you decide it was just the twist of fate Faith! is it joyful for the jubilant; neglectful when lacking exuberance, then…Read more It’s a Question Of Faith