The Volatility In Income Equality

I'm for throwing not drinking The grind of grievances I will not dispute the conversion in their diversions is absolute. Hear The whinny wheezing before whimpers to tongue wagging and wailing with tempers. The long & the short no ones ready to abort drawing the line in the sand I'll just be damn! all unwilling…Read more The Volatility In Income Equality

The Resistance Inside Will Divide

The Theft Of Time Yours And Mine Procrastination's Devastation   Have you ever fought with that resistance inside you know that what ever that breaks your stride. Wanting to move ahead! delayed actions in stead neglecting your goals, procrastination taking hold. How do you corral a wondering mind, wasted time when passions cools the distractions…Read more The Resistance Inside Will Divide

The Five O’clock Alarm

 Work Undone A Life For None I'm Told Life Is For The Bold We all are facing the challenges of life enduring internal resistance! the need of assistance Vanquishing this deviousness with persistence the resilience of hesitance requiring our vigilance. Will you not throw off the shackles of mediocrity less it become apart of your…Read more The Five O’clock Alarm

We Choose Win Or Lose We Choose!

Choosing No Choice We choose the life we have, we choose how long it last, circumstances will come and past just apart of life's task. Actions path the way, positive or negative only you can say hardships! made for the rebound, you direct the turn around. Life Don't Care If You Don't I've made many…Read more We Choose Win Or Lose We Choose!

Politics Aside Their Are Women In My Tribe

"God Shed His Grace On Thee" Well Still Have To Wait And See! Northam vows to stay in office to help Virginia 'heal,' but says Fairfax, Herring may need to resign By Gregg Re | Fox News Look at Virginia the Governor in Blackface or a KKK uniform take your pick: As for the…Read more Politics Aside Their Are Women In My Tribe