Staying In Touch Cost So Much

In staying in contact with family and friends a pact with the devil now let the games begin. Facebook, Snap-Chat, Instagram! theirs no end Myspace to Twitter tweeting Whats-App's sins. Cookies tracking data mining you bite your tongue hackers through the back door now comes the fun. The billionaires before Congress who they will pay…Read more Staying In Touch Cost So Much

Mob Rules Excuse For Fools

Hear the clamoring commotion  booming brass the crack crackle and crash No longer do we talk to each other disharmony if disapproved chaos! now the rule   Our beliefs, based on the word of mouth reason falls on deaf-ears they follow their peers Curt! they criticize critically now your surprised when the tail wags the dog we…Read more Mob Rules Excuse For Fools

In Pain I Sly Inside I Cry

I struggled with this post but not with the poem the subject  had an emotional sting! a swarm of angry bees are really mean. This poem was my reaction to a disgusting picture I download from a post of a fellow WordPress'er. I thanked her I didn't say why but it was for her having the courage to link the picture…Read more In Pain I Sly Inside I Cry

The Vote Right Or Left Or A Fight To The Death

Standing before thee my open mind thy humble spirit I seek not your favor or relent my task! hostilities are rash I covet the realization of the sacrifice rationalized confusion misguided illusions I will neither applaud nor admonish auditory silence before amplified violence Blaring bombardment of bogus news broadcast a ballet's ballad of Resistance who's persistent Cadence call…Read more The Vote Right Or Left Or A Fight To The Death

I Believe I can fly

You must fly gravity clipping wings denying the sky. In my mind seeds of dreams take root, grow shoots. Still, mountains to climb the fears of doubt are yours, not mine. Must we be careful of family and friends their pull on a dream may never end? Some will try! will stop you with any lie…Read more I Believe I can fly

You Decide Before The Lord Nowhere To Hide

Sunlight penetrates across the sky, a mother's smile the child knows why   Shadows spring from distortion it seems savage! mean! consume all things   Then Vestiges of man's past, those grains of sand through the hourglass   So What's in a deed for those who die because we don't feed, we'll bleed   We…Read more You Decide Before The Lord Nowhere To Hide

No Words Need To Understand

There were no words needed to understand abrasive picture articulating death was at hand. A boom from bagpipes bellowing a battle cry the blues of belching poisons is why the fish die. The bluster shall Mother Nature beg for mercy while the slime sticks why shall we not curse thee. I stood along the banks…Read more No Words Need To Understand