Can’t Vomit On An Empty Stomach

Empty hands of the masses their starvation is the new crises the bounty of this fertile land, then why so many empty hands. callousness insensible, the sadist savagery is unmentionable this ruthless malign! of people worldwide, that crime denied. Greed's arrogant addiction, egoistically antagonistic its infliction while this child dies in mother's womb, this unimaginable…Read more Can’t Vomit On An Empty Stomach

The Woman In Me

The mask that you wear, the eyes that see the mind will swell to an excessive degree. Your thoughts will wonder, this ponder within recalling better times with the love of a friend. Remembering! charms of a cheat, feeling heat contemptible current running deep! never sweet. Docile but defensive! conflicted with indifference accepting it must…Read more The Woman In Me

Intuition Or Just Superstition

Hey! my four leaf clover Damn! has just rolled over fallen eyelash on my face, lost twice with double ace The stories that come along when everything's wrong some would say life sucks! others its a case of bad luck There's a bird in the house, please catch that falling leaf that old black cat…Read more Intuition Or Just Superstition

Damn! I Like My Tuna Fish

If we devastate the land under our feet, we will not sleep defoliate the Amazon Rain Forest until death is complete. This foolishness must be task or fear bacteria's backlash beachfront property paying cash, you and me just the trash. Carbon dioxide choking the breeze! whistle when you wheeze the black stuff if you sneeze,…Read more Damn! I Like My Tuna Fish

Love, Hold When The Cold Winds Blow

My silent screams for your kiss that’s upon the winds, my abandon dream, a team of two hearts with one seam. My Tears lay bear the fallow land that needs to be sown, the fruits of love bear the seeds that need to be grown. Lay still the cold chill that comes to steal from lovers…Read more Love, Hold When The Cold Winds Blow


This discerning, a constant undeniable chain of events, obligations! the UN-prolific prompts some men to resent. Unresponsive, sociable solutions that defy the status quo with lighthearted loyalties in laughter! optimistic no more. Unanimous! tireless tributes, the unskilled! a questionable will, uniquely utilitarian the well balanced to the unwise this reveals. Venturesome, the viable value of…Read more Character!

He Who Would Be King

Empty heads wicked hearts oh vile frail! fallow men vipers we plucked, maggot infused flesh festering rut. Look into the shallow inners of this beast! no release, fanatic cries! zealots, not herd, agony! should be stirred. We speak his evil will, your succubus will conceal her ills in a roll of the dice wraith! is…Read more He Who Would Be King