Societies Grief Is There Relief

Right off the press brave but bounded battered and bloody a bystander burned bleeding and barricaded with a bully. This would have been a sensational news line of the past now it's just another Tuesday news cycle that won't last.   The adverse effects, an analysis assess of an anxiety attack accusations of abuse or…Read more Societies Grief Is There Relief

A Closer Look When Ignorance Shook

Looking upon this man I could feel a towering spirit staying my hand with a command I didn't understand. Moving closer a simple picture was no longer the plan a tourist indifference to a bronze sculpture was at end. My ignorance of this man was complete, interest peaked as I moved even closer it seem…Read more A Closer Look When Ignorance Shook

Dignity And Honor You Can Not Buy

Knowing the spirit in thy will, defying adversity no tears will spill, while dignity is rising from this better pill, a lesson taught to me by this man of steel.   A late afternoon in Hanoi Vietnam I was coming from a Historical Landmark for every fool with a camera, westerners call it Hoa Phong Tower…Read more Dignity And Honor You Can Not Buy

The Sanctuary Of Eternal Thoughts

The sanctuary of eternal thoughts  that space within time where reality is defined. Where amplified aspirations are sinking roots still, euphoric interpretations may not bear fruit.   These fertile ground for imaginative eruptions eulogize everyday life with insistent interruptions. Still the place for epic symphonies of invitations defining the human condition in this constellation.      …Read more The Sanctuary Of Eternal Thoughts

The Weddings Blues Marriage Will Snooze

With achievement's admiration, some make uneasy declarations in these considerations, companionship conflicting conversations. So! bachelor forever, bride maybe never, while chasing endeavors a coming onslaught of idiosyncrasy to downright fear of adultery.   Sermon of slogans in proclamations, lip-service lacking moderation to the best man's boutonniere before the bridesmaid's savoir-faire. As matrimony splutters nationwide rhetoric…Read more The Weddings Blues Marriage Will Snooze

Teen Anguish

The words of the adviser disconnect! within the advice anxiety, adolescent nonacceptance has the ugliest price. When falling on deaf ears discourse counterpoint is clear add social media crazy parents may regret calling it a faze.   Day-dreaming depression competitive academic aggression  Within evasive expression lurks embellishing exaggerations. dumbfounded to dumbstruck tragedy when emotions erupt speaking…Read more Teen Anguish