What’s Inside You, Bleeds Through

From America to Britain, across Europe, I must submit the deserts and Savanna plains of Africa let's not forget. Russia before China down through the Asian Pacific Rim Now Australia to New Zealand must I repeat myself again. Onward westward Argentina through the Rain Forest of life From Venezuela through Panama Canal Mexico! before night.…Read more What’s Inside You, Bleeds Through

Faith Within, Breaking The Chains Of Sins

Criticism to celebrations, common-sense with no deviation accountability instills appreciation, Sandyman's aspirations. Free my spirit from my sins, in the Lord's house once again there's no ideology I will debate, Sandyman will walk in faith. Healing hatred in my past, a constant reminder it should last restraining rage so resolute, my lack of rationale was…Read more Faith Within, Breaking The Chains Of Sins

Love, Hold When The Cold Winds Blow

My silent screams for your kiss that’s upon the winds, my abandon dream, a team of two hearts with one seam. My Tears lay bear the fallow land that needs to be sown, the fruits of love bear the seeds that need to be grown. Lay still the cold chill that comes to steal from lovers…Read more Love, Hold When The Cold Winds Blow

Choirs Of Angels Are Apparitions To Strangers

The catechisms of the Roman Catholic Church, these spiritual non-corporeal beings you can trust. An angel, my own, love grace how can I go wrong, this superficial view of many, a fantasy! say plenty. Still, pure spirits of immortal beings in human form, those nine Choirs Of Angels the bible can't be wrong. The theologians…Read more Choirs Of Angels Are Apparitions To Strangers

A Healthy Lifestyle Is A Choice

A healthy lifestyle is a choice its when you and bad behavior get your divorce. The advocates put out their normal alerts, abstinence! access avoidance, activities and appetite's coordinates. Unlearning the limits of love and laughter then balancing a lost through expectations and disaster. Measure your framework of freedom, family, and friends managing obstacles to opportunity…Read more A Healthy Lifestyle Is A Choice