Easter’s Transition Who Needs An Intervention

Let not the shouts fool ya! when some yell alleluia! blessings before the bunny brunch, I have a hunch. A crucifixion lacks a cottontail, actions couldn't for-tail a covenant our communion, some the wrong conclusion. Gathering gifts in the gospel, an egg hunt for an apostle a vigil do we still relent principles! in the…Read more Easter’s Transition Who Needs An Intervention

The Degrees Of Hope

My indifference to your quarrelsome storm in this anxious theory scornful cynical currents can you cope! or to what degree it's  hope. My visible exuberance in an earnest disregard for the hostile elitist, those with such a disposable resolve acceptance! endangers us all. Then choose what will be reflective in your hidden desires revealed those…Read more The Degrees Of Hope

My Talisman No Four Leaf Cover

Talisman To the indifference of things that go wrong a Talisman conjures a certain kind of charm. Those demising tribulations causing such hard instills our believe we need these lucky charms. With divine reverence in the words of our Lord oh unyielding virtue that rings haven't you heard. Tempers the taint in life's restraints, a…Read more My Talisman No Four Leaf Cover

Bill Of Right Or Human Right

You must first Identify its ideology, reconcile it's chronology, conceived these articles of affiliation, affirmed by association. Allocating this authorization, regulating domestic equalization, The adoption of its agenda, ratification your now a member. Advocating administration, these amendments of cooperation, ratification of its interpretation, for tyranny and manipulation. Purpose to a population still reeling from an oligarchy situation, Implied!…Read more Bill Of Right Or Human Right

The Strength Of The Emblem I Saw

In nature's magnificent agile aerial play, the Bald Eagle's majestic midair display Lured aloft by the warm thermal winds, our national symbol it speaks from within This soaring streaking strength of claw the raptor's shrill the rodent never saw This powerful plunging plumage on prey blood stained beak and talons on its way Pairs of…Read more The Strength Of The Emblem I Saw

Scientific Theory, The Faithfully Weary

Beyond the big bang theory, explain a celestial entities density fragmented formation drifting dust, the accumulation of crust. Those electrons encircling emission, cosmic galaxies in transition composition of constellations, stars providing this demonstration. Praise protons electrical charge, impacting pulse is looming large when measuring a magnetic thrust, I still believe in God we trust. Particles…Read more Scientific Theory, The Faithfully Weary