In Pain I Sly Inside I Cry

I struggled with this post but not with the poem the subject  had an emotional sting! a swarm of angry bees are really mean. This poem was my reaction to a disgusting picture I download from a post of a fellow WordPress'er. I thanked her I didn't say why but it was for her having the courage to link the picture…Read more In Pain I Sly Inside I Cry

The Vote Right Or Left Or A Fight To The Death

Standing before thee my open mind thy humble spirit I seek not your favor or relent my task! hostilities are rash I covet the realization of the sacrifice rationalized confusion misguided illusions I will neither applaud nor admonish auditory silence before amplified violence Blaring bombardment of bogus news broadcast a ballet's ballad of Resistance who's persistent Cadence call…Read more The Vote Right Or Left Or A Fight To The Death

Love Denied Scorned By Pride

Lay still my rejected heart silences! no peace bitter no sweet cold wet mist beneath my feet. I brewed at the allure of you in my allusions giggling in gist providing confusion with a twist. Your reckless rumblings were rubbish from the start your scent, smooth silky skin torments in the dark. I still see the…Read more Love Denied Scorned By Pride

The End Doesn’t Justify the Means

Sandyman's quote to the World:  "To the people of the world, from the wealthy to the meek add the destitute to the weak, in the things that you seek! in the end, what will you reap"      The end does not justify the means heartless sins in the wake of your schemes. Blind turning…Read more The End Doesn’t Justify the Means

No Words Need To Understand

There were no words needed to understand abrasive picture articulating death was at hand. A boom from bagpipes bellowing a battle cry the blues of belching poisons is why the fish die. The bluster shall Mother Nature beg for mercy while the slime sticks why shall we not curse thee. I stood along the banks…Read more No Words Need To Understand

Stand For Right Not Just For The Fight

In social media its here to stay, you'll hear it on any day, its the call to arms. It's a three bell alarm, we are calling of all cars as you can expect damn! it's all hands on deck. Air your complaint deny their grievance, altercations! no allusions now amplified confusion. turning your other cheek,…Read more Stand For Right Not Just For The Fight

Societies Grief Is There Relief

Right off the press brave but bounded battered and bloody a bystander burned bleeding and barricaded with a bully. This would have been a sensational news line of the past now it's just another Tuesday news cycle that won't last.   The adverse effects, an analysis assess of an anxiety attack accusations of abuse or…Read more Societies Grief Is There Relief