2018-12-29 09.01.12sandy-2

I’m a man of strength with an iron will
forge from hot liquid molten steel.
Yet I believe in love and compassion
thy God almighty tempers my reactions.
You can call me Sandyman your poet with
a plan, together we will stand when the shit hits the fan.

2018-12-29 07.08.10

I see the unending toil of the Cambodian people
others claim the spoils as hardship grows deeper
Still, in their eyes, I see the light of hope they smile
their unyielding ability to cope is unlimited in scope
2018-12-29 07.13.01
I know of their inner oppression
I chose not to respond to people’s Black Man aggression
My God hear the cries of the people,
thy Lord will choose the day of the oppressor;
that gathering storm will not be coming from the weather.
I will not concede before the greed of others
I will not condemn because my belief doesn’t coincide with an another
I will challenge aggression seeking to silence my voice
I will take responsibility for my choice

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