A Closer Look When Ignorance Shook

Looking upon this man I could feel a towering spirit
staying my hand with a command I didn’t understand.
Moving closer a simple picture was no longer the plan
a tourist indifference to a bronze sculpture was at end.

My ignorance of this man was complete, interest peaked
as I moved even closer it seem to fit lower! you must sit.
Now sitting on the ground in a court looking up in reverence
the picture I was seeking! in respect its mine for the keeping.

2018-08-03 15.29.05-1

He was a Buddhist disciple, a religious adviser for the Le Royal Court
then given the title “Tả Thân Vệ Điện Tiền Chỉ Huy Sứ” a noble guardian at the gate! he was “The Commander Of The Palace’s Left Flank” then ruling this land it must have been fate, the people still celebrate.


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