On the news of blues, the talking heads are all the same
their audible admonishment is clear, their weapon is fear.
Sounding alarm always expect a call for all hands on deck
oh! fork tongue of the snake is wet, lies come with no regret.
Yes it is blown all out of proportion to elevate your emotions
flabbergasted by that, a figure of speech by this, truth is missed.
While hammering on the soapbox propaganda! to the last drop
truth must be stranger than fiction so none for tonight addition.
They want you to look but just don’t see, hell its all Greek to me
some try to be hip its bitter when you sip, just take it without lip.
So its Mum’s the word for fools who haven’t herd stop being a turd
a plot the tick-tock of the clock top of the hour sin, its news again.

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