Well hello to my WordPress friends it’s good to be back with you once again,
I took some perpetration time off before this new adventure could begin.
I decided to return to Malaysia as it should be, a change in my direction so
please feel free, I welcome you to follow me.

“Seek with your heart the mind must lead, like the air you need still we must feed”

“Malaysia a Southeast Asia adventure everyone should see,
Thirteen States with three Federal Territories separated by the South China Sea.
This Malay kingdom rich history comes with an 18th century past, a brush with the British East India Trading Company its subjugation wouldn’t last

This tropical Paradise laying among mega-diverse countries welcomes thee
With Thailand beaming from the north, a little East Vietnam sings its course.
While Singapore calls from the South, those westerly Indonesia sunsets know how
Endemic species among multi-cultural and multi-ethnic, it’s why Malaysia is epic.

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