Where lies the appreciation,
the adaptations in our advocates determinations.
This abundance of accessibility,
the awesomeness of this particular advocacy.

Atmospheric demise with deforestation,
the acid-rains absorption and it’s devastation.
With carbon dioxide crucial contributions,
feeding chemical disaster with backlash retributions.

Who can feel the trails and tribulation,
while hazy coastal clouds creates its condensations.
Within humidity its aquatic density,
an amphibious eradicate ecology, jungles erosive calamity.

Hear the public’s protested projections,
plenty of petrified plants proclaiming pesticides propagation.
Overlook nitrogen’s original organizations,
Ozone obliteration! onslaught of organisms official condemnations.

We are recipients of rainwater reclamations,
renewable repository recognition, record rectify it’s permutations.
Will we protect and preserve with conservation,
dying from global greed, salvaged speculations! in these violations.

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