Fierce! dense clouds muffling a un stable mind
I see rejected reflections I see distortion of time
Silent foot steps endangered species at sea
oh burning darkness beseeching in me, hear! my cry

Remembering youthful hearts in romantic scenes
imprudent thoughts at the center of wicked themes
In casting down your meddling, manipulative pride
I feel that cold waste now rotting inside, must! I cry

The wasp notorious screams, angry swarm then a sting
thy vicious beating heart in woeful naked malicious flesh
While screeching vile vultures regurgitate all that is left
I’m locked into a part, treacherous in the dark, why! I cry

Deprivation! it’s desperation in this volatile toxic situation
tempering tenacious thoughts, it’s like porous volcanic rock
Towering tolerance at it’s end, repulse repugnance setting in
docile! detest it, distracted, dejected, when I die! who will cry

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