How Are You Living, Are You Giving

How you living? Will you take that extra step to extend a helping hand the mundane moments of life were appreciation begins. Can you judge not when having such a restricted view an unknown number of extenuating facts you never knew. Will you go along to get along because of the cost in sight can…Read more How Are You Living, Are You Giving

Destiny? Don’t Rest Until It Comes To Thee

Destiny? forgive me for this douse of reality fools boast from each voice there's a choice. Left or right, run or fight, dig in or give in ignorance unrestrained destiny not ordained. Some will start on the mountaintop with a view end up at its base on their face lacking a shoe Others start stuck…Read more Destiny? Don’t Rest Until It Comes To Thee

Upon Agonizing Reflections A Course Correction

To all who may read this, I say it not in jest the internet records for all time! that's suspect! who knows if we will even survive but what the heck.   Have you ever watch a hamster on a wheel running with such zeal I wonder still. Sometimes they will pick up the pace…Read more Upon Agonizing Reflections A Course Correction

Cambodian Sky’s

  Progress! must it always abuse the land you see the square concrete boxes of change, the dotted skyline of ugly yellow cranes in vane upwardly they strain, the money game has no shame only the weak and the poor remain the same. Look! casting their shadows over the richness of the past then who’s…Read more Cambodian Sky’s

Indoctrination! The Underbelly Of Radicalization

Indoctrination! the underbelly of radicalization a seam stitched in the mind dictatorial innervation over time. Breeding an egotistical elevation compulsively contemptible its inspiration ugly provocations. Diligently disdainful to your self-esteem yet famously faithful hate! providing the steam. Curiously the cynical is so crucial the crude is capable culpable! creatively UN remorseful This murky haze the…Read more Indoctrination! The Underbelly Of Radicalization