Natures Balance

Within the creative creatures of the animal kingdom this cocktail of cruelty natures Shakespearean envy. the brilliance of the pace in the cheetah in the chase the dynamics of mother natures attentive state of grace. Yes humans! our benevolence boorish compulsive state this curious cynical mentality, while we distort our reality. Then we destroy the…Read more Natures Balance

The Man That I Am

This life is so UN-fulfilling it was take out food on the go, the visions in my dreams rejected the embed and flow. The diamond in devotion declaration! before commotion, as compassionate as I am this recognition I must stand. The gathering of hope, the responsibility that I must cope, this appreciation inclination! with integrates…Read more The Man That I Am

Among The People Indivisible Creatures

The quiet quarrelsome nature of the knowledgeable, the poise principles of the proper are now intolerable. The jealous ignorance of the ill-tempered is imprudent, while compulsive fools and their fallacies are pollutants. Do we no longer care! those modest morals of the many, liberal loathsome reasonings, negative naive! demeaning. Contentious when the resourceful meets the…Read more Among The People Indivisible Creatures